Project description:
We created a digital prototype of a mobile application for the automated time and attendance record TIMEREG. Existing systems for recording working time and employee movements are expensive to implement and inflexible due to the fixed infrastructure. On the other hand, we note the high prevalence of smartphones, which can serve as portable terminals in addition to their built-in functionalities. We designed a mobile application for automatic recording of working hours, which would be installed by employees and other stakeholders on their smartphones and would enable intelligent connectivity with existing or future sensors via various communication channels (BlueTooth, WiFi, GPRS).

Prototype design:
The main project task is to create a digital prototype of a mobile application that would validate the possibilities of implementing the desired functionalities. The advantage of the solution that would be based on the prototype is its openness and the possibility of greater expansion of functionality to other areas of application (health, tourism, customer analytics anal) without major additional interventions. Connectivity with existing IoT platforms would allow easy addition of active and passive sensors (RFID, new fields, new analyzes, new dashboards, etc.)
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