Dr. Tasič

Website url: https://dr-tasic.com/
Url online store: https://shop.dr-tasic.com/
Url reservation system: https://nasvet.dr-tasic.com/

Biotopic d.o.o.
Project description:
Covid 19 marked the year 2020, so in the company Biotopic with dr. Janez Tasič decided to offer advice on how to increase immune resistance and stay healthy during this time. In WordPress technology, we created a website in the Slovenian language. In addition to the website, with the help of Woocoomerce technology, we also created an online store where visitors can buy food supplements, essential oils and tea masks online. We have also added to the website and store the creation of a website with a reservation system, where a visitor to the site can book a consultation on dietary supplements for a specific date and time. The website with the reservation system is also made in WordPress technology. Finally, we also created a mobile app where mobile users can view the company presentation and contact, company offerings, immune resistance tips, and obtain a loyalty card. The project was co-financed with a voucher for digital marketing - Operation VAV 8.
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