Bitcoin Pay Server

Project description:

We designed a mini computer, which is a copy of the server program in the cloud, but portable and allows you to accept payments in script currencies in any normal company. The owner receives payment in his wallet (inn, pizzeria, shop, hotel) or we allow him to convert into money. Therefore, the subscriber can carry it around and also charge for services or products as needed (by connecting to the Internet, receiving funds in the wallet). We selected a prototype rasberrypi computer with an extremely nice case, ordered components, a memory card, power supply and case, and assembled the computer.
The device or server in the cloud is perceived as a payment processor used by merchants. In fact, the uses are limitless. Bitcoin Pay Server is a technology package that brings together many complex components into a simple and consistent interface. The software can be used by individuals as a way to use bitcoin node and wallet in one package. Developers can build entire companies and projects. Businesses can use it as an extensible and secure part of their infrastructure without ever having to trust a third party. Bitcoin Pay Server is a collection of tools with many tools that a subscriber can use, depending on the idea of ​​how you want to use it and in what form (in the cloud, as a physical device). The calculation of the production of a product or installation in the cloud ranges with its own price of around 300 euros + VAT for larger quantities, which is extremely low for a comprehensive payment system. Therefore, the client has a huge amount of room for maneuver for excellent sales and earnings.
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